The Vision Makebot

Why Makebot Franchise?

We venture into Coding and Robotics, the two advanced fields of study on boom in the current scenario of technological advancements and EdTech.

EdTech Boom

With Coding being in-curriculum alongside science and math, Robotics riddled with AI and ML being the top trend, a one-stop shop such as Makebot for all learning and advancing is the need of the hour.

High GDP growth

The current times have witnessed a plunge in the initiatives and businesses close to home and the road ahead looks promising. We’re a part of the shift, pouring our heart and soul into EdTech around us.

Why Pursue The Franchise ?

What Franchise will do?

Conduct regional competitions
We will bring the nearest and apt opportunities to you.

Introduce new age learning

As EdTech fans, we heavily rely upon and strongly support learning theory, online learning, and computer-based training.

Prospects In The Avenues

Competition in Coding

A curricular subject, a hot-trend, a sought after added skills, the list of attributes to coding is endless. So is the vying and its spread and outreach.

Coding with hardware

We’ve seen the input of hardware in the learning of Coding and are inspired by it. Experiential learning is our forte and top priority at Makebot.

Opportunity in market

The time is fitting for everyone to explore advanced skills and interests like robotics and coding. The masses have been responding tremendously well to these opportunities too.

Franchise as our Extension

Offer programs
(Per Hour/Per Week/Per Month)

We offer programs in length and detail, short courses and capsule workshops in all our segments.

School onboarding

Includes set-up of STEAM labs and training with our trainers. School faculty can also greatly benefit from our training programs.

Franchise Benefits

Become one of the team

We extend our brand to your business.

Leverage Our Services

Help, Support and Endorsement.

Become a Flag - Bearer

Represent your business along with Makebot.

Franchise Starpoints

An Up-and-coming field

The time is for “the advent of coding”, as it steps into curriculums. Ed-tech is the way to go.

A pioneer breakthrough

Better still, the competition is not as much as the attention Ed-tech garners.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer training for students with our in-house mentors. They can choose from several workshops and courses.
Services/Products for students, schools and teachers, inclusion of regional competitions brought to the franchise partners, perks of brand extension
Whether a Coder or an Enthusiast of Coding, we have something for everyone at all levels of learning. Schools, students and teachers/educators.
Starting at Rs 5 Lacs
For ROI and Commercials, reach out to us
A separate portal for franchisee, our brand’s extension in the business, training for sales and marketing, and our full support in all the fields.

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